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Seizure Plans

Seizure Action Plan
Seizure Emergency Plan
  1. Call for help
  2. Note the time 
  3. Clear the room
  4. Make the subject comfortable


  1. If falling, assist the subject to the floor, turn to the side. 
  2. Loosen clothing at neck and waist; protect head from injury. 
  3. Clear away furniture and other objects from the area.
  4. Have another classroom adult direct students away from the area. 
  6. Allow seizure to run its course; DO NOT restrain or insert anything into the subject’s mouth. Do not try to stop purposeless behavior. 
  7. During a general or grand mal seizure expect to see pale or bluish discoloration of the skin or lips. Expect to hear noisy breathing.


(e.g., lip smacking, behavior  outburst, staring, twitching of mouth or hands):

  1. Assist the subject to a comfortable, sitting position.
  2. Time the seizure.
  3. Stay with the subject, speak gently, and help the student get back on task following seizure.


  1. Absence of breathing or pulse. 
  2. Seizure of 5 minutes or greater duration. 
  3. Two or more consecutive (without a period of consciousness between) seizures which total 5 minutes or greater.
  4. Continued unusually pale or bluish skin or lips or noisy breathing after the seizure has stopped.
  1. With no known history or seizures in the past

Call 911. 

START CPR- for absent breathing or pulse. 


  1. Reorient and assure the subject.
  2. Assist change into clean clothing if necessary. 
  3. Allow the subject to sleep, as desired, after seizure.
  4. Allow the subject to eat, as desired, once fully alert and oriented.
  5. A subject recovering from a generalized seizure may manifest abnormal behavior such as incoherent speech, extreme restlessness, and confusion. This may last from five minutes to hours. 
  6. Inform the emergency contact immediately after the seizure and note the following:
  7. Seizure is different from usual type or frequency or has not occurred at   school in the past month. 
  8. Seizure meets criteria for 911 emergency call.
  9. The subject has not returned to "normal self" after 30-60 minutes.

Tips for Seizure Observation and Recording