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Lexington ISD Bond

Lexington ISD Bond Featured Photo
The Lexington ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved calling a bond election to be on the ballot this November. The Facilities Planning Committee reconvened to study new enrollment data and district financial information to recommend a plan that addresses current and future capacity at each campus and represents a pivotal first step towards the long-range vision for the district. The bond will be presented to voters in two separate propositions:

Proposition A ($47.7M): Instructional Renovations & Additions to the Elementary, Middle and High Schools

Proposition B ($3.3M): Stadium Renovations

Due to recent legislative changes including tax rate compression for school districts in Texas, taxpayers will see a decrease in their school tax bill, even if the bond passes. Voters will have the opportunity to vote early beginning October 23 through November 3.

More detailed information will be posted on the district’s bond website (www.LexingtonISDbond.com) over the upcoming weeks.

Lexington ISD Bond - Budget Breakdown

Lexington ISD Bond - Budget Breakdown Featured Photo
This detailed budget breakdown offers a transparent glimpse into everything that is included in the bond amount. These are turnkey costs that include everything from today's construction cost with necessary escalation, to permit and design fees, contingency, technology and even furniture, fixtures and equipment.
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Lexington ISD Bond - LES Proposed Projects

Lexington ISD Bond - LES Proposed Projects Featured Photo
Take a minute to review the proposed projects at the Elementary School. If approved, the additions and renovations would provide enough space for the increasing number of students until the academic year 2031/32.
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