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Charging Policy

Lexington ISD has a standard that no child goes without a lunch. This philosophy is practiced by all of the district’s school cafeterias. Cafeteria staff will notify parents of students who do not bring sufficient funds to pay for their school meals on a regular basis.

LISD school students will be allowed to charge a maximum of $30 for breakfast and lunch meals on their accounts. After a student has accrued $30 in charges, they will be given a notice that they have 5 school days to pay all of the accrued charges.  The notice will be letters mailed home and/or emails or phone calls to their parents. If after 5 days they have not paid their charges, the student will be allowed to go through serving line and chose a brown bag lunch.

Proper notification will be made to persons responsible for payment.  We will send emails to parents before students are given alternative meals.  In addition, parents/guardians are able to monitor accounts and put money on their students’ accounts through  . Please check our web site for more information about MySchoolBucks.

Parents/guardians can also access balance information by contacting the Child Nutrition offices by phone, email, or in person

Students may purchase all seconds and extra food at Middle & High School Cafeteria only if they have money in their accounts or pay with cash.

By federal regulations, all outstanding debt from unpaid student meal accounts cannot be absorbed by our Child Nutrition Department. This must be paid for with other non-federal (local) funds.

Paying for Student Meals


There are several options for parents to pay for their students’ school meals:

  1. Pay for each meal as student goes through serving line
  2. Prepay for meals by putting money on students’ meal accounts
  • Giving cashiers payment as student goes through serving line
  • Dropping payments off at your campus office
  • Mailing payments to the school at:

           Lexington ISD

           c/o Lasonia Dalcour

            8403 N. Hwy 77

           Lexington, Texas 78947

  • Using My School Bucks web site to put money on students’ accounts
My School Bucks
Registration Instructions
With MySchoolBucks you can view and pay* balances and charges made in the lunch rooms.

After you have registered for a free account and added a student to your account, you can view current charges, view current balance, pay* current balance, or add* money to the student account.

You will need your Student's Six Digit ID, which can be obtained from the Skyward Parent Portal.  After you log into the Skyward Parent Portal, please click Student Profile.  The Student ID Number - Also called Student Number - is located on this page.

To setup a free account, please click the link below and choose REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT

* There is charge applied to all payments made through the system. You can view balances and charges for free. The system is free to sign-up, however there is a charge to make payments. When you decide to make a payment, the system will show you before you pay what the handling charge. The handling/process fee is paid to the processing company, LISD does not receive any portion of the processing fee.

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