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Abbreviated Medication Policy

**Please contact the Lexington School Nurse for full medication policy**
  • Medication must be accompanied by a medication order and permission form signed by both the prescriber and parent/guardian.
  • For short-term medications taken for three school days or less, the prescription bottle is acceptable as a prescribed order. Signed parent permission is still required.
  • Medication must be supplied by the parent in the original pharmacy container with an expiration date that has not passed.
  • Students may not carry their own medication to school. Parents or another responsible adult (such as bus driver) must bring medications to the nurse’s office. Students are allowed to transport empty containers home for refill. Please do not send more than a thirty day  supply of medication. Anything over a thirty day supply will be sent home, or need to be picked up.
  • Students are not allowed to carry and or self-administer their medications at school. Exceptions are made for emergency  medications such as EpiPens and rescue inhalers with a MD’s order.
  • Medication orders are valid for the current school calendar year from when the prescriber signs and dates the order.
  • Parents/guardians may retrieve unused or discontinued medication at the time of discontinuation or at the end of the school year. Medication will be destroyed if it is not picked up within one week following the termination of the order or termination of the student’s school year.
  • Tube feeds and/or water flushes into a G-tube during the school day require a signed doctor’s order