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Gifted & Talented

Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented Services K–12


At Lexington ISD we are committed to meeting the needs of all students, including our Gifted and Talented students. Our students have many gifts and talents that range from academics to art, performance, music, and athletics. The services described below address the advanced academic needs of gifted and talented students in the four core areas. We are committed to placing gifted and talented students in classes that meet their needs academically as well as nurture their gifts and talents in other areas such as fine arts and athletics.


Elementary School Services

The teachers at our elementary school are committed to providing an appropriate level of challenge for G/T students according to their individual abilities.


Our G/T students participate in “Wonder Workshop” during Eagle Time. Students are actively engaged in inquiry based learning using the 7E Framework outlined in the Pursuit of Passions Task of the Texas Performance Standards Project. Students explore personal interests, and develop and expand ideas that contribute to current and future opportunities of the 21st century. The goal of Wonder Workshop time is to further develop lifelong learners that are intrinsically motivated to better themselves, broaden and deepen their understanding of, and ability to positively contribute to the world around them.


Middle School Services

G/T services at our middle school campus prepare students for advanced-level work beginning in seventh grade. We have designated Advanced English and Math classes that are designed to prepare students with the skills they need to be successful in advanced-level classes in high school.


G/T students are placed in these classes with G/T-trained teachers. There are G/T trained teachers in math and English language arts on the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade teams. These designated teachers will meet together on a regular basis and will coordinate interdisciplinary independent study units. In these classes, students will master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills objectives as well as move on to advanced-level content. The Texas Performance Standards Project (www.texaspsp.org) will be used as a guide for the independent study projects.


High School Services

G/T services at our high school campus prepare students for college-level work.

We offer Pre AP® classes in English, Math and Science that help prepare students to take college-level courses while attending high school. At the high school, we offer AP® English III & IV and AP® Calculus. If a student has an interest in an AP course other than what is currently offered, our partnership with the Texas Virtual School Network permits the district access to additional AP course opportunities. The campus also has a Dual Credit course cross-walk, permitting interested students to take college credit classes online. With thoughtful planning, students may graduate in three years, with college credit. In addition to supporting general intellectual ability opportunities through differentiation in the core subjects and specialized electives, the campus supports specific academic aptitude opportunities with contest participation in Academic UIL and competitive events within the Career and Technical Education Student Organizations.


Recognizing differences in individual giftedness, the campus has a variety of other opportunities to foster the development of the gifted child. This includes leadership and specialized endeavors through organizations such as Student Council (StuCo), National Honor Society (NHS), Future Farmers of America (FFA), Business Professionals of America (BPA), Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE), Interact, and Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS). Students may also pursue artistic opportunities through coursework and/or extracurricular involvement in Art, Band, Jazz Band and Theatre Arts.


In conjunction with their Career Portals classes at middle school and the counseling department, our G/T students make high school and postsecondary plans regarding a Program of Study and specific interest endorsements. The endorsements are posted on their transcripts upon graduation. Our G/T students are encourage to pursue the Distinguished Achievement Program Advanced Measures. These advanced measures may include: completion of an original research project that could be from one of several sources (the Exit Level Texas G/T Performance Standards Project, course work in classes such as Problems and Solutions, several of the Academic UIL competitions, and other competitive events with a judging component); scoring a “3” or higher on a College Board AP Exam; earning a qualifying PSATA score for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation; completion of specified Dual Credit coursework; additionally, students must earn credit in Spanish III and four courses in each of the four core subjects (4x4) at specified levels. If the student meets the advanced measures matrix, they will earn a Distinguished Diploma, and are recognized at graduation.




Students may be nominated for Gifted and Talented services during the annual January nomination period each spring semester. Nominations may be made by parents, counselors, teachers and other interested persons. The nomination forms may be picked up at each campus office during the annual nomination period.