October is National Principal's Month

October is National Principals Month and Lexington ISD will be celebrating our principals all month long. LISD joins districts and organizations around the nation to honor the top leaders of our campuses, our principals. LISD is
proud to recognize the importance of our elementary and secondary principals, during Principals Month and join Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals (TASSP) in highlighting the significant impact these individuals have made in our schools.

As school leaders, principals are entrusted with our most valuable resources – our young people. LISD principals are more than just caretakers of their schools. Our principals set the academic tone for their school and it is their vision, dedication, and determination that provide the driving force for achieving student success.
Leading their campuses, LISD Principals work hard to ensure our students have outstanding learning experiences and are prepared for their bright futures. Throughout the month of October, LISD encourages students, parents, and employees to take time to recognize our campus principals for their hard work.
Thank you LISD principals for all you do!
Lexington High School
Sarah Garrison, Principal
Dana Matson, Assistant Principal
Daniel Ball, Assistant Principal

Lexington Middle School
Andre Johnson, Principal
Brettne Lindgren, Assistant Principal
Lexington Elementary School
Kendra Wolf, Principal
Don Lawler, Assistant Principal