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Paying for Student Meals


There are several options for parents to pay for their students’ school meals:

  1. Pay for each meal as student goes through serving line
  2. Prepay for meals by putting money on students’ meal accounts
  • Giving cashiers payment as student goes through serving line
  • Dropping payments off in the cafeteria manager’s office or in cafeteria
  • Mailing payments to the school at:

           Lexington ISD

           c/o Kathy Lamb

           8731 N. Hwy 77

           Lexington, Texas 78947

  • Using My School Bucks web site to put money on students’ accounts
My School Bucks
Registration Instructions
With MySchoolBucks you can view and pay* balances and charges made in the lunch rooms.

After you have registered for a free account and added a student to your account, you can view current charges, view current balance, pay* current balance, or add* money to the student account.

You will need a student's 6 digit ID Number to add students to your account, this is the same number that is used to login to Gradespeed to check grades.

To setup a free account, please click the link below and choose REGISTER FOR A FREE ACCOUNT


* There is $1.95 charge applied to all payments made through the system. You can view balances and charges for free. The system is free to sign-up, however there is a charge to make payments. When you decide to make a payment, the system will show you before you pay what the handling charge. The handling/process fee is paid to the processing company, LISD does not receive any portion of the processing fee.