Strategic Design » Goals and Specific Results

Goals and Specific Results

Goal 1: We will utilize a system of accountability to implement and evaluate professional development that is aligned to our call to action.
1.1 Create professional development aligned to the specific needs of every student
1.2 Implement a plan to targeted training and guided collaboration process to enhance instruction.
1.3 Evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of professional development. (initial and ongoing)
Goal 2: We will utilize a system of accountability to implement and evaluate instructional programs that are aligned to our call to action.
2.1 Implement teacher, student, and parent surveys regarding satisfaction of individual instructional programs.
2.2 Implement instructional programs aligned to the curriculum and the district’s call to action.
2.3 Establish a system of evaluation based on community, teacher, and student input to examine program effectiveness.
Goal 3: We will increase opportunities for all students to become socially, emotionally, and culturally intelligent.
3.1 Establish programs to empower and support all LISD employees to education all students in social, emotional, and cultural intelligence.
3.2 Utilize the community as a collaborative partner to teach social, emotional, and cultural intelligence.
3.3 Provide professional development that leads to continual reinforcement and modeling of social, emotional, and cultural intelligence.
Goal 4: We will develop opportunities for all students to be engaged in positive social and emotional experiences.
4.1 Create systems that identify and utilize student interests for the development of district programs.
4.2 Provide staff with sustainable programming that creates positive social and emotional experiences for students.
4.3 Create a schedule for all campuses that allows for multiple positive student interactions.
Goal 5: We will seek partnerships and alternative fiscal resources to accomplish our call to action.
5.1 Create active partnerships with businesses that will engage students and career exposure.
5.2 Establish inter-district and intra-district partnerships that will benefit LISD by increasing educational resources.
5.3 Create active partnerships with community members to increase student and staff opportunities.
5.4 Pursue external, alternative initiatives to provide additional capital for LISD.
Goal 6: We will create a system that ensures resources are allocated based on our call to action.
6.1 Implement resource allocation processes that promote transparency and are responsive to program needs.
6.2 Develop a comprehensive, equitable compensation and benefit plan for all employees.
6.3 Implement and sustain a long-range district facilities plan.
Goal 7: We will create systems and processes that will provide students with necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences to pursue the future opportunities of their choice.
7.1 Provide professional development that enhances and improves classroom instruction.
7.2 Expand curriculum and/or offerings to provide students varied methods of instruction.
7.3 Develop flexible learning that provides diverse opportunities outside of the classroom.
Goal 8: We will integrate a variety of teaching methods that foster student engagement.
8.1 Identify, implement, and support a variety of innovative teaching methods across the district.
8.2 Provide relevant, professional learning opportunities for educators that foster student engagement.
8.3 Provide multiple options for student to demonstrate knowledge.
Goal 9: We will emphasize the use of technology across the learning environment.
9.1 Provide professional learning opportunities to teachers related to technology integration in their instruction.
9.2 Increase access to current technology for all students.
9.3 Create and implement a variety of teaching opportunities for students.
9.4 Provide IT support that keeps pace with increasing technology utilization.