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The Process to the Plan


Lexington ISD in partnership with engage2learn (e2L) hosted community and focus/design/create teams through a customized, concise process of engaging all stakeholders, including students, in a decision-making and action planning course. The outcomes of this customized and facilitated process deepens stakeholder’s understanding of the need for innovation in education along with building long-term capacity for ongoing community support.


Through the e2L Design Process, facilitators work with district and campus leadership to create a call to action and success criteria for any initiative, review the current environment, and create strategies to fill the gaps. This review process   determines actions and outcomes at the district, campus, and classroom levels. e2L’s works in partnership with stakeholders moves the current classroom model toward the local community’s vision of learning.


Lexington ISD
Dr. Brad Schnautz, Superintendent of Schools
Curtis Patschke, Director of Technology
LISD Design Team Members
8731 N HWY 77Lexington TX 78947
In collaboration with
Dr. Steve Waddell, e2L Facilitator 
Board of Trustees
President – Scott Sanders
Vice President – Riza Cooper
Secretary – Shannon Patschke
Mark Strain, DVM
Stacey Stamport
Michael Hess
Dave Roussel