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Reading Lists / Summer Homework

Middle School
Advanced ELA Coursework
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of the start of the 2020 - 2021 school year, there will not be a summer reading assignment.  In its place, I will assign the students a novel on the first day of school.  The students will be required to read the novel within the first two weeks of school and complete the assignment associated with the novel.  We will not be working on this novel or the associated assignment during class time.  It is the expectation that students will complete the assignment on their own outside of class.  Students who fail to submit the two week project by the assigned deadline will be moved to a regular ELA class.  This will count as a test grade for the first nine-week period. I highly suggest that advanced ELA students continue reading quality fiction and non-fiction literature during the summer months.
Mrs. Ross
Lexington High School

DE English IV Summer Assignments

Click here for information about summer work for the Dual Enrollment UT OnRamps Rhetoric course for incoming Seniors. English I, II and III will not have summer reading assignments.